Larger Home Extensions

In May 2013, the government amended the General Permitted Development Order to allow rear extensions of up to 6m (or 8m if the house is detached), without requiring planning permission. These are known as ‘larger home extensions’ and we can prepare applications for a small, one off fee.

Although these extensions do not require planning permission, they do require you to submit an application for ‘prior approval’ to the Council. The Council will notify your closest neighbours and, as long as none of your neighbours of object, the extension automatically gets approval.

We have applied for dozens of larger home extension since the regulations were approved in 2013. We would be delighted prepare yours (including plans, supporting statement and all paperwork).

What if my ‘larger home extension’ is refused?

According to the regulations, if a neighbours objects, the Council has the power to make its own decision on the application. In most cases they will refuse to grant prior approval – Councils simply don’t like extensions of this size. The good news is that you have a right of appeal. Better still, Just Planning has won a large majority of the appeals for larger home extensions that we have been involved in since the rules changed in 2013.

If you have been refused prior approval for a larger home extension, contact us immediately to discuss an appeal. We will provide you with a free written assessment of your prospects at appeal. Our fees are low and we will not take on an appeal we don’t think we will win.

Have a look at our ‘recent successes’ section for information on some recent victories in larger home extension cases.