Barnet served more planning enforcement notices than any other council in 2019

Just Planning is an appeal specialist and we appeal dozens of planning Enforcement Notices every year.

Barnet is one of our busiest council areas and government figures have revealed that they issued Enforcement Notices than any other council in England in 2019.

There were 3,989 Enforcement Notices issued in England in 2019. The top 10 councils for serving Enforcement Notices were:
Barnet – 184 Notices
Brent – 158
Newham – 125
Westminster – 115
Bradford – 106
Ealing – 105
Camden – 87
Barking & Dagenham – 84
Leeds – 66
Haringey – 58

8 of the top 10 councils are in London. This is not entirely surprising since there are more development pressures in the city.

However, Enforcement Notices cause homeowners a great deal of stress. Often, they have built something in good faith, entirely unaware that they needed planning permission. In some cases, they expected their development to be permitted development. In other cases, they had planning permission, but the development was not carried out exactly as the plans showed.

It is important not to ignore an Enforcement Notice. It is a very important legal implications. It is best to take professional advice. Just Planning is a leading planning consultancy, based in London. If you receive an Enforcement Notice, contact one of our experienced planning consultants for free, impartial advice. You can email us at:

In most cases, we recommend that you appeal against the Enforcement Notice. We can help prepare, manage and submit your appeal. For more information on our enforcement appeals service, including a video with some guidance on enforcement appeals, click here.